Victoria Tan, M.D.

Questions & Answers with Victoria Tan, M.D.

McMaster University 

  • Medicine (M.D.) 2013

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa 

  • Biology (B.S.) 2010 

-What led you to where you are as a medical student in Canada? 

I dreamed of being a doctor since high school. At the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (UHM), I decided to major in biology because I had an interest in medicine, but also because my interest was in that subject. I was lucky to have had many great professors at UHM that inspired curiosity and helped me achieve my academic goals and my ultimate dream of getting into medical school. I recently graduated from the Michael G. Degrote School of Medicine at McMaster University, which is in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) close to my hometown of Windsor.

-Tell us a unique story. 

I will always remember Dr. Robinow's laboratory where we were looking at the genetics of fruit flies. I've never seen so many flies in one place! After leaving the lab, you could never quite get rid of the feeling of flies crawling all over your arms and neck. 

-Tell us about your research experience while you were a UHM student. 

During my last semester of my senior year I was given the opportunity to work in Dr. Christopher's laboratory in the Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering Department. There I learned how to apply the principles of the scientific method and also got a taste of how much work goes into academic research!

-Tell us about your student-athlete experience while being a Biology (B.S.) student at UHM. 

My coaches always emphasized that we were students first. This concept helped us to prioritize our tasks and our goals. It was challenging to balance meeting academic goals while maintaining my commitment to the swimming team, but there were many resources available at UHM that assisted me. My time at the university taught me to strive to be a balanced person and I look back very fondly at my memories there.  



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