Annie Do

University of Hawaii at Manoa

  • Biology (BA) 2015
  • Economics (BA) 2015

Biology was never my forte. In high school, I was exceptionally average in my biology courses. It was with great ambition and bravery that I decided to make it my primary major entering college and I can say that the program at UH Manoa challenged me in many ways. If not for this challenge, I would not have the career opportunities I currently have. I had always had a passion for helping people and decided that working in healthcare would be my ultimate career goal. My intent was to gather the educational background needed to prepare for a career in medicine.

During my time at UH Manoa, I participated in student government which helped me realize my passion for helping individuals on a larger organizational scale. My career path became clearer after volunteering with the Red Cross providing services to the armed forces. I worked in industrial hygiene for a month and really fell in love with the idea of public health, and have worked since to my establish myself as a public health professional.

I regularly attended advising to keep up with the program course requirements. It was really helpful in that it kept me on track to take the right amount of classes, with advice on courses that I would find interesting or useful beyond college. I occasionally attended tutoring or group study sessions when I required help, which got me through some of the more challenging courses.

The program at UH Manoa hit many of the core topics relevant to my current career in communicable diseases and health status monitoring (cellular and molecular biology, immunology, physiology and anatomy, labs) and gave me the tools to be a competent and knowledgeable professional in the field. It also allowed me to make long lasting connections with fellow students that are now also working alongside me in the healthcare field. Beyond the background that the biology program provided me for my current career, it also taught me the value of our environment and the importance of maintaining our unique ecosystems and biodiversity. Overall the education provided by UH Manoa shapes you into a well-rounded individual long after you graduate. 

Annie Do is currently a Research Statistician for the Hawaii State Department of Health (Office of Health Status Monitoring).

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