Institutionalizing Interdisciplinarity

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The UHM Biocultural Initiative of the Pacific has joined  network of 13 universities that will explore how to make interdisciplinary research more common and more effective, and more impactful for students and communities, with a focus on sustainability science. Funded by a National Academies Keck Futures Initiative grant and led by University of Minnesota and Duke University, this new network will explore how institutions are addressing three key challenges to interdisciplinary research: measuring impact, supporting students, and fostering co-development.

The issues facing modern society such as climate change, poverty, and the global economy are extremely complex and have only become more so over time. To address the challenges confronting Hawai’i, the region, and our world, researchers need to work together, across disciplines and sectors. Throughout the two-year project faculty and students will have opportunities to participate in interdisciplinary trainings and help shape the future of interdisciplinary research on and off campus.