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Building Services

Building Services consists of two shifts subdivided into groups of five to twelve employees, who are assigned to work areas by geographic locations, type of facility, or nature of work. Each group is led by a Working Supervisor.

Responsibilities of Building Services:

  • Conducts regular custodial maintenance to classrooms, laboratories, auditoriums, office, restrooms, corridors, and other public and general-use areas. The activities include, but are not limited to, sweeping, mopping, stripping and waxing of floors, shampooing rugs and carpets, window cleaning, and minor repairs.

  • Opens and secures classrooms and buildings during the weekdays.

  • Conducts inspections and reports damages and incidents such as vandalism, accidents, and other situation which require the University's attention.

  • Refinishes floors as needed. This includes vacuuming, scrubbing, polishing and burnishing.

  • Ensures all safety equipment such as Fire Extinguishers and Alarms, Dry Stand pipes and chemical showers are intact and operational.

  • Cleans light fixtures and replaces lamps and bulbs when necessary.

  • Responsible for cleaning, wet and dry vacuuming, waxing, stripping, scrubbing, polishing, shampooing and general maintenance of floors.

  • Coordinates with building tenants to schedule appropriate appointments for cleaning.

  • Provides general support for custodial services in facilities which are affected by understaffing due to various circumstances.


Maintaining a sustainable built environment depends on taking care of our excellent custodial staff. Building Services is committed to providing a supportive and healthy working environment. We actively pursue effective green alternatives to standard chemical cleaning methods, and employees are trained in ergonomic best practices to reduce the risk of work injuries, following guidelines developed by Ergonomics@Yale.

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