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Roxanne Adams

Building Services Manager

Building Services Manager
Earl Matsushita

Building Services Manager

Traci Shimizu


Wilma Yonemoto

Mission Statement:

Directs the activities and personnel in the Buildings and Grounds Management Department. The major function of this division is to contribute to the education process by maintaining the cleanliness of the campus buildings and grounds; contributing to the aesthetic qualities of the campus; providing improvements to the grounds and facilities which would enhance the academic environment and insuring the health and safety and morale of the campus community.

In addition, this division:

  1. Administers the registration class applications for the University of Hawai'i System. Recruits qualified applicants, conducts interviews, maintains applicant pools and provides the University departments with lists of applicants for registration class positions.

  2. Administers job training courses to increase efficiency and effectiveness of personnel.

  3. Ensures that health and safety standards are maintained.

To accomplish these functions, the department is composed of two major branches, Building Services and Landscaping.

Major Functions:
  1. Provides custodial services for UH Manoa buildings, including classrooms,
    laboratories, auditoriums, offices, restrooms, corridors and other public or
    general-use areas.
  2. Provides carpet cleaning and floor polishing services to on-campus facilities.
  3. Provides groundskeeping and landscaping maintenance for UH Manoa,
    including lawns, trees, road and parking lots/structures.
  4. Provides refuse collection as well as special and bulk disposal services for
    UH Manoa instructional and administrative buildings.
  5. Administers and coordinates recycling operations for UH Manoa.
  6. Administers registration class applications for entry-level janitors and
    groundskeepers for the UH System.

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