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24-Hour Restrooms

The following buildings are designated by the Buildings and Grounds Management Department as facilities with twenty-four (24) hour restrooms.

All restrooms shall be left unlocked at all times, but all entrances to some buildlings may be secured after hours, except those with open hallways (e.g., H.I.G.).

BuildingMen/WomenLocation/Room Numberexterior access locked?
Agriculture EngineeringMenMakai Sideyes
 WomenMakai Sideyes
AstronomyMenB117, B214, C111, C222yes
 WomenB119, B216, C113,C224yes
Bilger HallMenBy Room 109no
 WomenBy Room 110no
Campus SecurityMen no
 Women no
H.I.G.Men101, 201, 301, 401no
 Women102, 202, 302, 402no
Henke HallMen219no
Holmes HallMen/Women2nd floorno
 Men/Women3rd floorno
 Men/Women4th floorno
Law SchoolMenSecond Floor 258yes
 WomenSecond Floor 259yes
SakamakiMen3rd floorno
 Women3rd floorno
Sherman LabMen218yes
Sinclair LibraryMenbasement, 2nd, and 3rd floorsno
 Womenbasement, 2nd, and 3rd floorsno
St. John HallMen12yes
Temporary PortablesMenNext to Janitor Roomno
(Old arch)WomenNext to Janitor Roomno

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