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Assessment for Curricular Improvement

Spring 2015 Assessment Poster Exhibit

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Engaging in Self-Reflection: Using Assessment to Inform Retention Academic Advising Practices
Denise Nakaoka and Niki Libarios
COE Student Academic Services

Amelia Jenkins and Pui Lam talk program-level assessment.

Participants listen to Chancellor Bley-Vroman's welcome message.

Stuart Donachie happily poses with the Library Service's "Yao"!

Revisiting the Plan B Capstone of the MEd ECE Program
Robyn Chun, Patricia Sheehey, and
Lynn Yamashita

Early Childhood Education

The Assessment of Fashion Design Merchandising Program
Shu-Hwa Lin
Fashion Design and Management

Filipino Program Assessment Project
Pia Arboleda and Jayson Parba

Learning Through Community: Best Practices and Assessment
Kyle Van Duser
First Year Programs

Assessing MEdT Teacher Candidates’ Leadership and Collaboration
Scott D. Robinson
Institute for Teacher Education

Presenters and participants at the 2015 Assessment for Curricular Poster Exhibit

Moving Forward with Fieldwork Assessment!
Kathryn K. Yamamoto
Kinesiology Rehabilitation Science

Information Literacy Across the Curriculum
David J Brier and Vicky K. Lebbin
Library Services

Manoa Works
Kay Jernigan and Wendy Sora
Manoa Career Center

Manoa Sophomore Experience: An Example of Successful Data-Driven Programming
Kiana Y. Shiroma, Rayna Tagalicod, and Reid Kiyabu
Manoa Sophomore Experience

Chancellor Bley-Vroman with Scott Ziehm and Sandra LaVasseur

Participants tune in to Yao Hill's welcome message

Assessment Office and Olivier, MAC Chair, working the registration table

Direct Measures of Doctoral Student Learning Supporting On-time Graduation
Scott Ziehm, Sandra LaVasseur, and Debra Mark

Designing a new program from the SLO up
Helen Spafford, Teresita Amore, Andrew Kaufman, Scot Nelson, Kenneth Leonhardt, Russell Yost, and Ania Wieczorek
Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences

Leading The Way To Accreditation With Assessment
Morgen Johansen and Tamara Edwards
Public Administration

Striving for Useful and Sustainable Outcomes Assessment
Bonnie Sylwester and Kenton Harsch
Second Language Studies

Presenters and participants engaging in conversation about assessment at UHM

Connecting assessment results to curriculum improvement for the BSW & MSW programs
Meripa Godinet, Michael DeMattos, and Seunghye Hong
Social Work

Using the Invisible to Make Visible
Mark Branner
Theatre and Dance

Kathryn Yamamoto shares assessment insights from the Rehab. Counseling program

Rayna Tagalicod grabs delicious goodies at the snack table

Graduate student, Holly Sevier, and Monica Stitt-Bergh

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