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Assessment for Curricular Improvement

Spring 2014 Assessment Poster Exhibit

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Some of the poster session attendees and presenters.

Collaborative Rubric Development for Program Improvement
Joel Moffett, Dan Boulos, Anne Misawa
Academy for the Creative Arts

Ann Misawa and Dan Boulos

Building and Sustaining Assessment Leaders: A Successful Model at UHM
Yao Hill
Assessment Office

Yao Hill

Design Based Research Approach for Faculty Development on Innovative Classrooms
Leslie Lopez
Center for Teaching Excellence

Leslie Lopez

Improving Oral Proficiency in Chinese Using Simulated OPI Assessment
Song Jiang
Chinese BA, East Asian Languages and Literature

Song Jiang and David Ma

Assessing Math, Science & Engineering Skills in Civil Engineering
David Ma
Civil and Environmental Engineering BA

David Ma, Monica Stitt-Bergh, Constantinos Papacostas

MS/PhD Outcome Assessment Program Development
Roger Babcock
Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate

Monica Stitt-Bergh and Roger Babcock

KAPA Academic Program Assessment System (Technology Solutions for Program Assessment)
Paul McKimmy and Genta Togashi
College of Education

Genta Togashi and Paul McKimmy

Measuring Our Success
Jessica Miranda
College of Education

Ann Auman and Jessica Miranda

Communication BA Curriculum Assessment Using e-Portfolios
Jenifer Sunrise Winter, Wayne Buente, Francis Dalisay, Hanae Kurihara Kramer, and Patricia Amaral Buskirk
School of Communications

Roger Babcock, Jenifer Winter, Hanae Kurihara Kramer, and Wayne Buente

Encouraging Civic Engagement Among Undergraduates
Hanae Kurihara Kramer and Jenifer Sunrise Winter
School of Communications

Hanae Kurihara Kramer and Sumi Chang

Assessment of ACE Learning Communities 2013
Angelie Cook and Kyle Van Duser
First-Year Programs

Kyle Van Duser and Angelie Cook

Reed Dasenbrock speaking at the 2014 Assessment Poster Exhibit
Reed Dasenbrock, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, speaking at the 2014 Assessment Poster Exhibit

Curriculum Mapping of Geriatric Medicine Core Competencies in the Preclinical Problem-Based Learning Curriculum at the John A Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawai‘i
Alfred Lua, Aida Wen, Misty Yee, Monica Stitt-Bergh, Christina Bell, Richard Kasuya, Damon Sakai, and Kamal Masaki
Department of Geriatric Medicine, John A. Burns School of Medicine

Monica Stitt-Bergh, Alfred Lua, and Chiemi Tanaka

Integrating Teaching and Extension: Swine Production
Halina M. Zaleski, Maya Hester, Britt McNeill, Faye Toyama
Human Nutrition, Food, and Animal Sciences

Britt McNeill, Maya Hester, and Faye Toyama

Korean Flagship BA Program Assessment Results & Curricular Improvement
Sang Yee Cheon and Sumi Chang
Korean Flagship BA, East Asian Languages and Literatures

Wayne Buente and Sang Yee Cheon

Flagship Rubric for Oral Performance
Dong-Kwan Kong
Korean Flagship MA, East Asian Languages and Literatures

Presenters and attendees at the 2014 Poster Exhibit

Learning Outcome Driven Curricular Improvement - An Example from Political Science
Noe Goodyear
Political Science

Debora Halbert

Department of Psychology Undergraduate Assessment Plan
Lorey K. Takahashi

Ashley Maynard and Lorey Takahashi

Classroom Assessment - Implications for Program Assessment
Graham Crookes
Second Language Studies

Holly Sevier; Graham Crookes speaking with guests

Starting the Curricular Conversation through Mapping: A Curriculum Review of the Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution
Allison Bustria, Craig Mitchell, and Anne Smoke
Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution

Craig Mitchell and Scott Robinson

How TIM School Began and Progressed with Program Assessment
Joyce Hwang
School of Travel Industry Management

Joyce Hwang

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