Proposal Criteria

Proposal Criteria:

Proposals will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

Clear theme and organization
  • A program may have many accomplishments. Proposal focuses on a central theme/problem/project.
  • Content is organized in a logical manner
Content useful for audience
  • Describes the process, strategies, and tools for the audience to adapt/adopt.
  • Describes the challenges in the assessment project and ways to resolve the challenges.
Assessment-for-improvement focus
  • Describes the program improvement as the result of the assessment process or findings (e.g., adding assignments, changing pre-requisites, refining advising practice, increased faculty collaboration and collegiality).

Suggested Poster Content:

  • Basic program information: number of faculty and students, degree(s) offered, and number of graduates per year, if available
  • Context of assessment project: program learning assessment status/history of assessment in your program
  • Description of the assessment project: useful tips, strategies, tools, steps in the process, and end-products, if applicable
  • Highlight how your program used assessment processes/results for improvement
  • Summary of accomplishments/lessons/strategies to share
  • Acknowledgements, if applicable

Sample Topics:

  • Use of assessment results for curricular improvement
  • Curriculum mapping and its role in program assessment and improvement
  • Development and use of a rubric for program assessment
  • Capstone portfolio assessment for curricular improvement
  • For more examples, see posters from the 2019 exhibit


Content Maps of Health Care Problems in the Pre-clerkship Curriculum: Monitoring Themes, Gaps, Redundancies and Accreditation Requirements
Sheri Fong & Vanessa Wong, John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM)
2019 Best Poster Design

Improving Oral Communication of Undergraduate Research Results
Michael Guidry, Oceanography & Yao Hill, Assessment Office
2019 Best Poster Design

Scaffolding and Assessing Engineering Design: Effecting Program Change from Course Innovations
Ryan Kurasaki, Molecular Biosciences & BioEngineering
2019 Best Poster Design

Call for Reviewers:

The peer review process used by the Assessment for Curricular Improvement Poster Exhibit maximizes the quality of the educational offerings in the exhibit, emphasizes a positive collegial and collaborative atmosphere, and helps provide submitters with meaningful feedback. If you are interested in reviewing poster abstracts, please contact Yao Hill at