Introduction to Program Learning Assessment for Graduate Students

This workshop is collaboratively presented by the Assessment Office and Graduate Education Office.

Graduate students have a great amount of autonomy and power in not only directing their own learning but also shaping program learning experiences for themselves and their fellow students. This workshop will provide strategies for graduate students to be intentional, reflective, and pro-active in their own learning using the thought processes and tools in program learning outcome assessment (e.g., learning outcomes, curriculum map, use of results). Participants will learn how to align and improve their own courses as teaching assistants or as future instructional faculty. More importantly, participants will learn strategies to inquire about and improve current curriculum coherence and quality using assessment in collaboration with faculty.

PowerPoint Slides and Handouts
Workshop Evaluation Report

Who should attend: All graduate students, especially teaching assistants and those who want to pursue faculty positions in higher education.
Tuesday, October 11, 2016, 3:00-4:30pm, KUY 106