2015 Poster Exhibit

The Assessment Office hosted the 2015 Assessment for Curricular Improvement Poster Exhibit on April 17, 2015 at the Campus Center Ballroom from 1:00pm–3:00pm. The exhibit featured 28 poster prepared by UH Mānoa faculty and staff, presenting curricular and co-curricular program assessment for the purpose of improving student learning.

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Arboleda, Pia and Parba, Jayson (Filipino)Filipino Program Assessment Project

Branner, Mark (Theatre and Dance) – Using the Invisible to Make Visible

Brier, David J. and Lebbin, Vicky K. (Library Services) – Information Literacy Across the Curriculum

Caparoso, Jenna T. (Assessment Office) – Factors and Experiences that Help and Hinder Undergraduate Student Learning

Chun, Robyn; Sheehey, Patricia; and Yamashita, Lynn (Early Childhood Education) – Revisiting the Plan B Capstone of the MEd ECE Program

Donachie, Stuart (Microbiology) – Assessment in the Department of Microbiology: Zero to…

Fialkowski, M. Kainoa and Novotny, Rachel (Nutrition) – Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation in the Intercollege Nutrition PhD Program

Godinet, Meripa; DeMattos, Michael; and Hong, Seunghye (Social Work) – (Un)common core competencies

Jernigan, Kay and Sora, Wendy (Manoa Career Center) – Manoa Works

Johansen, Morgen and Edwards, Tamara (Public Administration) – Leading The Way To Accreditation With Assessment

Joyce, Barbara and Sevier, Holly (Sociology) – UH Manoa Sociology Department: Undergraduate Assessment in Action 

Kraft-Terry, Stephanie D. (Biology) – Collaborative program assessment utilizing an undergraduate capstone course 

Lin, Shu-Hwa (Fashion Design and Management) – The Assessment of Fashion Design Merchandising Program

Lopez, Leslie (Center for Teaching Excellence) – Student nominated online teaching awards at Manoa: What student satisfaction surveys tell us

Nakaoka, Denise and Libarios, Niki (COE Student Academic Services) – Engaging in Self-Reflection: Using Assessment to Inform Retention Academic Advising Practices

Nguyen, Hannah-Hanh D. (Management) – Assessing Students’ Business Ethics Using a Web-based 3-D Game

Pang, Adam (Learning Assistance Center) – Assessment: Informing Co-curricular Programming from Past to Present to Future

Ranker, Tom A. (Botany) – Advancing Program Assessment Beyond the Curriculum Map: Recent Progress in the Department of Botany

Robinson, Scott D. (Institute for Teacher Education) – Assessing MEdT Teacher Candidates’ Leadership and Collaboration

Sheehey, Patricia H. and Jenkins, Amelia (Special Education) – IA Process for Facilitating Program Improvement: Is There a Data Analysis Process That’s Faculty Friendly?

Shiroma, Kiana Y.; Tagalicod, Rayna; and Kiyabu, Reid (Manoa Sophomore Experience) – Manoa Sophomore Experience: An Example of Successful Data-Driven Programming 

Spafford, Helen; Amore, Teresita; Kaufman, Andrew; Nelson, Scot; Leonhardt, Kenneth; Yost, Russell; and Wieczorek, Ania (Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences) – Designing a new program from the SLO up

Sylwester, Bonnie and Harsch, Kenton (Second Language Studies) – Striving for Useful and Sustainable Outcomes Assessment

Twomey, Sarah (Curriculum Studies) – Assessment for PhD Curriculum Improvement from A Faculty Perspective

Van Duser, Kyle (First Year Programs) – Learning Through Community: Best Practices and Assessment

Wang, Haidan (EALL, Chinese) – Writing rubric development and collaborative assessment work in the Chinese program 

Yamamoto, Kathryn K. (Kinesiology Rehabilitation Science) – Moving Forward with Fieldwork Assessment!

Ziehm, Scott; LaVasseur, Sandra; and Mark, Debra (Nursing) – Direct Measures of Doctoral Student Learning Supporting On-time Graduation