2008 Poster Exhibit

On November 10, 2008, the Assessment Office hosted the “Strengthening Student Success: Assessment in Action poster session” at the Gregg M. Sinclair Library Heritage Reading Room from 3:30pm–5:30pm. The exhibit featured 20 posters of assessment projects from different departments around campus.


Abarca, Thora; Frost, Wil; Hanson, Margot; Nahl, Diane; Roddy, Kevin; Au, Lari-anne; Gmelin, Michael; Matsukawa, Norma; Peterson, Ellen; Severns,  Tara (University of Hawaii Libraries Information Literacy Committee)Assessing Information Literacy Online

Abe, Harriet; Feeney, Paulette; Horn, Nena; Wakayama, Lei; Okinaga, Carolyn (Outreach College)Growing an Assessment: Focus Groups

Andrade, Carlos; Kaaloa, Piilani; Freitas, Konia (Kamakakuokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies, Hawai‘inuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge)Kamakakuokalani Curriculum Concept Map Exercise

Auman, Ann (School of Communications, College of Social Sciences)Assessing a New Journalism Curriculum: Evaluating Team-Teaching Models in a Media Convergence Curriculum 2004-2007

Aune, Kelly (Department of Speech, College of Arts and Humanities)Assessment of Retention of Content from Required Courses Using Comparison Groups

Bruland, Holly Huff; Clayton, Erica Reynolds (Department of English, College of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature) How Well are First-Year Students Composing? Assessing the Foundations in Written Communication Program

Davis, John; Watanabe, Yukiko; Kondo‐Brown, Kimi (College of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature)Enhancing Evaluation of CLLL Programs: Developing an Online Student Exit Survey System

Davis, Larry; Harsch, Kenton (Department of Second Language Studies, College of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature)Outcomes Assessment of, by, and for the People: SLOs in the English Language Institute

Dovermann, Heiner (Department of Mathematics, College of Natural Sciences)An Overview of Assessment in the Math Department

Henry, Jim (Department of English, College of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature)Assessing Mentoring in First Year Composition: A Tool to Boost Retention?

Hoover, Maya (Department of Music, College of Arts and Humanities)Creating a Successful Assessment Plan in the Fine Arts: Assessment Trials, Tribulations, and Successes of a Music Department

Nejhad, Mehrdad Ghasemi (Department of Mechanical Engineering. College of Engineering) ABET (Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology) Assessment Tools

Riggs, H. Ronald; Ooi, Phillip (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering)Assessment of Program Outcomes

Sasaki, Galen; Macchiarulo, Luca(Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering)Assessment Processes for the Department of Electrical Engineering

Somogyi‐Zalud, Emese; Faran, Diane A.; Bell, Christina L.; Masaki, Kamal H. (Division of Palliative Medicine, Department of Geriatric Medicine, University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine)Assessment in Palliative Medicine

Stockert, Nancy; Harms, Joan (University Health Services and Office of the Vice Chancellor for Students)Logic Models as a Tool to Plan and Manage Assessment

Takeuchi, Leilani; Yoshida, Tiffany; Guirao, Shantal (First Year Programs, Undergraduate Education) – First Year Success: Evaluating a Peer-Led Learning Community Program

Tiles, Mary (Department of Philosophy, College of Arts and Humanities)Keeping Program Assessment Simple

Woodruff, Rosemarie; Pang, Adam (Learning Assistance Center, Undergraduate Education)Empirically Based Assessment

Yontz, Valerie (Department of Public Health Sciences, Office of Public Health Studies)Practicum Assessment from the Department of Public Health Sciences