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Welcome to the Student Success Project

250 students helped shape UH-Mānoa (UHM) by identifying the factors that help them succeed.

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Procedures & Results

These results are primarily from open- and closed-ended survey questions.

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Data collection (online surveys, discussion groups, submission of assignments/exams) began in August 2010 and ended in May 2015.

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Who participated?

251 first-year students who entered UHM as freshmen/women in fall 2010.

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What did student participants do?

Each semester, students completed 3 online surveys. Some surveys were short (10-15 minutes to finish) and at least one survey each semester was more in-depth (30-45 minutes to complete).

One subset of the participants also attended a 90 minute discussion group once a year and turned in copies of 1-2 assignments and/or exams from their general education classes.

This project started in fall 2010 and continued through students' sophomore, junior, and senior years.

All participants signed a consent form.

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What's in it for the students?

Students received UHM Bookstore gift cards (or equivalent) depending on their level of participation:

  • $75 each year=surveys only
  • $200 each year=surveys, discussion group, and copies of assignments/exams

Payment will be in two installments.

Students may also enjoy knowing they are helping UHM improve teaching, learning, and the "Mānoa Experience." They are making UHM a better place for all students.

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What's in it for UHM?

We are using what we discovered to improve teaching and to make the "Manoa Experience" better. This, in turn, will better equip UHM students for success in the workforce.

We want to find out

  • what helps students learn and what hinders their learning
  • what level of proficiency students have in general education core areas (writing, speaking, ethical reasoning, etc.)
  • what students' "Mānoa Experience" is

Required Forms

Students 18 years or older:

  1. Students completing online surveys only
  2. Students completing online surveys + discussion groups + submitting copies of assignments/exams

Students 17 years old or younger::

  1. Students completing online surveys only (parent/guardian consent & student assent form)
  2. Students completing online surveys + discussion groups + submitting copies of assignments/exams (parent/guardian consent & student assent form)

Project Description

Initial project description and details



Monica Stitt-Bergh,, 956-6669
Faculty, Assessment Office
Graduated from UHM with a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology

Monica Stitt-Bergh

Jenna Caparoso
Graduate student at UHM in Education

Holly Sevier
Graduate student at UHM in Sociology

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