Co-curricular/Special Programs: Annual Assessment Report


1. Why does my program have to submit an assessment report?

Mānoa is committed to improving the student learning through program assessment. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) defines co-curricular learning as "learning that takes place in activities and programs that are not part of the prescribed sequence of courses in an academic program" (WASC Handbook on Accreditation, p. 55). Therefore, programs and offices that directly support students' academic success and cognitive development but whose efforts are not included in any academic degree program's annual assessment report are asked to submit a report. If you believe an error has been made, contact the Assessment Office.

2. How does submitting an annual report help my program?

The annual report assists programs in documenting assessment activities over time. More than once the Assessment Office has heard of programs whose assessment coordinators retired or left UH and took the assessment files with them. The annual reports are available in an accessible location on our web site.

3. What is done with my report?

Reports are posted on the Assessment Office web site. The Assessment Office uses the information in several ways. The Assessment Office

  1. locates examples of exemplary assessment practices that it can share (a program’s permission is sought before the Assessment Office uses it as an example);
  2. identifies issues and concerns that need attention and uses those to guide Assessment Office program development (e.g., when an analysis of reports reveals the need for more attention to collecting evidence the Assessment Office offers workshops on that topic);
  3. summarizes the reports and conveys that summary to the Faculty Senate and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The summary serves as primary support in Mānoa’s case for re-accreditation and meets reporting requirements set by WASC. In addition, programs' reports become part of their unit's 5-year Program Review Self-study.
To date, the assessment reports have not been used by administration as part of prioritization or budgeting. The administration has stressed that assessment results should be used at the program level by the program faculty. The Assessment Office believes faculty consultation should take place before assessment becomes part of prioritization and budgeting.
4. Deadline?

October 9, 2015

5. Are resources or examples available to help me complete the report?


6. Our program submitted an evaluation report to a funding agency this year. Can I submit that?

Yes. Please prune appropriately, inputting online only sections that pertain to program assessment of student outcomes.

7. We didn't do any assessment this past year. Do we still have to submit a report?

Yes. Please answer/update questions 1-4 and answer Question 14.

8. Where do I go to input my program's report?

Click on Login: Special Programs

9. I can't log in.

Use your UH Username and Password. If you need access, contact the Assessment Office: email or call 956-6669 or 956-4283.

Click here for a list of authorized users.

10. Can I return later and add, delete, edit my report, etc., ?

Yes! You have until October 31 to make changes to your report.


updated 08/24/2015