Assessment Leadership Jamboree & Reunion


Friday, February 26, 2016
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
KUY 106

On February 26, 2016 the first Assessment Leaders Jamboree and Reunion celebrated the participants of the Assessment Leadership Institute (ALI) and their assessment achievements. The theme of the event, Carry the Assessment Torch Forward, encouraged ALI members to think about what it means to be an assessment leader beyond their programs. That is, how can we -- as assessment leaders -- help carry the torch forward and begin to position ourselves, our programs, and our colleagues within an institutionalized culture of assessment?

Nine ALI cohort members attended along with special guests Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Reed Dasenbrock, and Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Deborah Halbert. Following a welcome and lunch session with networking opportunities, the ALI leaders were led through a fun Jamboree Jeopardy game. Then leaders engaged in an "Imagine Wild Success" activity. To conclude the event, all attending leaders were presented with a certificate of recognition for their commitment to carrying the assessment torch forward.

Read more details of the event's activities below.


  1. Celebrate assessment achievement of the ALI leaders.
  2. ALI leaders will be able to describe institutional level assessment initiatives and activities
  3. ALI leaders will develop strategies to move assessment further forward at program and institutional level.


11:00-11:30 Welcome and lunch
11:30-12:15 Assessment Jeopardy
12:15-12:45 "Imagine Wild Success" activity
12:45-1:00 "Assessment Torch Bearer" certificate award ceremony


Assessment Leaders Jamboree Jeopardy
Our Jeopardy game featured a variety of questions on institutional-level assessment at the university. Questions were multiple choice or fill in the blank. The leaders paired themselves with someone new (i.e., someone they did not connect with during lunch). Each pair was given a musical instrument or noisemaker. The facilitator selected the first question and teams who knew the correct response "rang" their instruments after each question was read. If a team answered incorrectly, the facilitator prompted a brief discussion of the question to guide them to the correct answer. Each question was worth one point. Two teams tied at the end, so a game of "rock-paper-scissors" was played.

View our Jeopardy game here. Feel free to adapt to your needs.

The winning leaders each won a dry erase/white board, marker, and eraser that could be used for facilitating discussions of assessment. The other leaders won a pack of washable markers that could be used for charting or writing during discussions.
"Imagine Wild Success" Activity
With the "Imagine Wild Success" activity, the ALI leaders worked in different pairs. This activity challenged the leaders to imagine a wild and grand assessment achievement they hoped to accomplish and see in the future. Then, leaders created newspaper headlines that captured this achievement and wrote strategies (in the newspaper body) that helped bring that achievement to life.

Each finished newspaper was posted on a wall and leaders were given a chance to briefly share their "wild successes".

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