Assessment Leadership Institute & Activities

2014-2015 Accepted Participants:

Name Department/Unit College/School
Pia C. Arboleda Indo-Pacific Languages and Literature LLL
John M. Branner Theatre and Dance Arts & Sciences
Stuart P. Donachie Microbiology Natural Sciences
Morgen S. Johansen Public Administration Social Sciences
Hannah-Hanh Nguyen Management Shidler College of Business
Adam Q. Pang Learning Assistance Center Undergraduate Education
Thomas A. Ranker Botany Natural Sciences
Scott Robinson Institute for Teacher Education College of Education
Helen Spafford Plant and Environment Protection Sciences CTAHR
Sarah Jane Twomey Curriculum Studies College of Education
Haidan Wang East Asian Languages and Literatures LLL
Kathryn K. Yamamoto KRS/Rehabilitation Counseling College of Education


The Assessment Leadership Institute features

  • interactive, hands-on sessions
  • one-on-one assistance from learning outcome assessment experts on campus
  • insights from professionals with extensive experience designing and implementing assessment methods
  • opportunities to build support networks with colleagues and learn from each others’ successes and challenges
  • assistance in creating a feasible, sustainable assessment plan for your program
The Institute is designed for tenure-track faculty with minimal experience in program assessment. Participants will enhance their skill in
  • identifying good practices
  • planning assessment
  • using assessment tools
  • conducting research on teaching and learning
  • employing facilitation techniques.

Topics include the following:

  • backward design
  • curriculum mapping
  • measurable learning outcomes
  • measurement tools to assess learning
  • data analysis with technical tools
  • assessment as scholarship


2014-2015 activities

3-day institute, August 11, 12, & 13, 2014

Three assessment support group meetings, fall 2014

Poster presentation, spring 2015

“Thank you for the wonderful facilitation, the encouragement and positive affirmation, and the great food! I really felt that the facilitators and support staff had our best interests in mind and really wanted to make sure we were learning. It made it very useful to actually develop a useable plan during the workshop. I feel like I accomplished so much!” —2013 participant


2013-14 Assessment Leadership Cohort

Group Photo

2013 August Institute Agenda

2014 Assessment Poster Exhibit

2013 Institute Evaluation Report

“I felt like the assessment institute emphasized the overall importance . . . of assessment in a way that I could articulate more confidently to people . . . . We were able to get a plan in the end that was informed by good methods and good logic and adhere to all of the philosophical principles that were important.” —2013 participant
“This is the most informative and best organized workshop on program assessment I have ever attended. I really learned a lot of practical strategies and skills crucial to a program assessment coordinator. I wish I had the opportunity earlier so that I could avoid a lot struggles I went through before.”—2013 participant
Table Activity
“All of it was very useful and can be readily applied. I did not feel we were wasting time at any point.” —2013 participant
“Monica and Yao were really helpful and there was a good diversity of both the content that was offered, as well as the kinds of activities that we did that really allowed us to not just kind of sit in a room for hours and have someone talk at us, but really participate -- interact!” —2013 participant
Table Activity


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