2014 Assessment Leadership Institute


Name Department/Unit College/School Poster Presentation
Pia C. Arboleda Indo-Pacific Languages and Literature LLL Filipino Program Assessment Project
John M. Branner Theatre and Dance Arts & Sciences Using the Invisible to Make Visible
Stuart P. Donachie Microbiology Natural Sciences Assessment in the Department of Microbiology: Zero to…
Morgen S. Johansen Public Administration Social Sciences Leading The Way To Accreditation With Assessment
Hannah-Hanh Nguyen Management Shidler College of Business Assessing Students’ Business Ethics Using a Web-based 3-D Game
Adam Q. Pang Learning Assistance Center Undergraduate Education Assessment: Informing Co-curricular Programming from Past to Present to Future
Thomas A. Ranker Botany Natural Sciences Advancing Program Assessment Beyond the Curriculum Map: Recent Progress in the Department of Botany
Scott Robinson Institute for Teacher Education College of Education Assessing MEdT Teacher Candidates’ Leadership and Collaboration
Helen Spafford Plant and Environment Protection Sciences CTAHR Designing a new program from the SLO up
Sarah Jane Twomey Curriculum Studies College of Education Assessment for PhD Curriculum Improvement from A Faculty Perspective
Haidan Wang East Asian Languages and Literatures LLL Writing rubric development and collaborative assessment work in the Chinese program
Kathryn K. Yamamoto KRS/Rehabilitation Counseling College of Education Moving Forward with Fieldwork Assessment!

Updated 6/29/2015

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