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February 22, 2018

2018 Assessment Leadership Institute (flyer)
May 21-23rd, 2018

Congratulations to the 2018 Assessment Leadership Cohort who will participate in the upcoming Institute on May 21-23rd, 2018! The 13 selected participants are from 11 departments and 10 colleges and schools.

Name Department/Unit College/School
Andrea L. Berez-Kroeker Department of Linguistics LLL
Verna Mae K. N. Chinen Communication Sciences & Disorders JABSOM
Monica K. Esquivel Human Nutrition, Food, and Animal Sciences CTAHR
Sheri F. T. Fong Office of Medical Education JABSOM
Michael Guidry Department of Oceanography SOEST
Francie J. Julien-Chinn MBT School of Social Work School of Social Work
Ryan J. Kurasaki
Molecular Biosciences & Bioengineering
Judith D. Lemus Marine Biology Graduate Program SOEST
Kathy A. Maemori Communication Sciences and Disorders JABSOM
Leah S. Muccio
Institute for Teacher Education
College of Education
Joyce M. Noe Architecture Department School of Architecture
Celia M. Smith
Botany/Marine Biology Graduate Program
Natural Sciences
Vanessa S. Wong
Office of Medical Education JABSOM

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Student learning is a campus-wide responsibility, and assessment is a way of enacting that responsibility. The goal of this project is to cultivate a cadre of faculty in different programs to be willing, able, and ready to take a leading role in student learning assessment, including helping their faculty colleagues use assessment to improve teaching and learning. The project is deeply rooted in the principles of community of practice. In this project, faculty will be trained in assessment knowledge and skills and given opportunities to implement assessment activities with support, to mentor their colleagues, and to lead assessment communities on campus. The project uses different options of nominal and monetary incentives with infrastructure support to catalyze the leadership-building process.

Assessment leadership-building serves our office's mission to improve student learning through academic program assessment. It serves the university's mission in helping faculty ensure a fertile, engaged, and ethical learning environment through learning assessment and improvement. This project also helps the university enhance the culture of evidence and meet WASC accreditation Criteria for Review that require that the institution's faculty take collective responsibility for establishing appropriate standards of performance and demonstrating through assessment the achievement of these standards.

Assessment Leadership-Building Model:

The learning outcomes for the Institute are:

  1. Identify applicable learning assessment principles and practices to enhance student learning.
  2. Develop learning assessment plans that they can implement in the coming academic semester to support program/institutional level assessment.
  3. Utilize learning assessment tools to implement assessment plans that is meaningful and manageable.
  4. To identify venues and locate resources to develop scholarship in teaching and learning utilizing learning assessment.
  5. To utilize facilitation techniques to guide discussions and collaborative projects.


The Assessment Leadership Institute features
  • interactive, hands-on sessions
  • one-on-one assistance from learning outcome assessment experts on campus
  • insights from professionals with extensive experience designing and implementing assessment methods
  • opportunities to build support networks with colleagues and learn from each others successes and challenges
  • assistance in creating a feasible, sustainable assessment plan for your program


  1. Student learning outcomes and curriculum map
  2. Collect Student Learning Evidence
  3. Data Collection and Evaluation
  4. Data analysis and reporting
  5. Use of results
  6. Program level assessment project planning
  7. Engaging Faculty
  8. Scholarship in Learning Assessment
  9. Supplemental Materials


To evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the Institute, we collected multiple measures of quantitative and qualitative data, including:
  • Institute daily observation
  • End-of-Institute Evaluation Survey
  • End-of-Institute participant assessment plan presentation
  • Follow-up Support Group observations and meeting notes
  • Poster exhibit presentations
  • Annual Program Assessment Reports
  • Follow-up interviews and surveys

The evaluation results showed that the Institute is highly successful in achieving the Institute learning outcomes and making an impact on program assessment on campus. See the following reports and presentations. For more details, contact Yao Hill at

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"Yao and Monica, and their assistants, were extremely organized and incredibly generous with their expertise. I feel very privileged to have been a part of the Institute. I hope I can make a positive assessment contribution to our program. Thank you!" 2017 participant
Table Activity
"I thought the breadth and depth of material was appropriate for the 3-day Institute. Introduction of new information was well paced with breaks for discussion and assimilation. Thank you!" 2017 participant
"I am pretty sure we would have needed to pay a large sum of money to get this training elsewhere. That it is free and is held on campus is great. It is extremely helpful. I think this will have a great (and positive) impact on our program and eventually on our students." 2014 participant
Working group
Table Activity
"Did a good job of keeping us engaged, and we now all seem to have a sense of camaraderie after the institute. Very positive and motivating experience." 2014 participant
This is the most informative and best organized workshop on program assessment I have ever attended. I really learned a lot of practical strategies and skills crucial to a program assessment coordinator. I wish I had the opportunity earlier so that I could avoid a lot struggles I went through before.2013 participant
Table Activity
All of it was very useful and can be readily applied. I did not feel we were wasting time at any point. 2013 participant

Monica and Yao were really helpful and there was a good diversity of both the content that was offered, as well as the kinds of activities that we did that really allowed us to not just kind of sit in a room for hours and have someone talk at us, but really participate -- interact! 2013 participant
Table Activity

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