Use of Results

Program-level Use of Results: See excellent examples and individual program reports

Campus-level Use of Results--Assessment Office Projects:

Year (Semester)
Learning Outcomes
Areas Targeted
2018 (Spring) Summer program for faculty (in planning phase) Collaborative project with Center for Teaching Excellence and General Education Tentatively: Critical Thinking, Oral Communication, Information Literacy
2018 (Spring) List of effective faculty professional development models for deans and directors to adapt Documentation All
2017 (Fall) UHM Excellent Use of Assessment Publicizing excellent programs in Google Map Program learning outcomes
2017 (Fall) Oral Presentation Assignment Design Strategies Workshop in collaboration with guest speakers Oral Communication
2017 (Spring) Quantitative Reasoning Assignments &; Activities Workshop in collaboration with guest speakers Quantitative Reasoning
2017 (Spring) Excellent Uses of Assessment Results: A UH Mānoa Showcase Poster Program learning outcomes
2016 (Fall) Use of Program Assessment Results: Best examples from UH Mānoa Workshop Program learning outcomes
2016 (Fall) Assignment Design for Powerful Learning in Oral Communication Workshop in collaboration with faculty experts Oral Communication

Updated 01/31/2018