Undergraduate Requirements


Students must meet all University core [follow links to General Information --> UH Manoa Core Requirements] and SPAS requirements.

has a more graphic view of the requirements.
  •   88 credits [core requirements, electives, etc]
  •   36 credits of major (Asian Studies)
  • 124 credits total [to include 60 upper division credits]

Major in Asian Studies [36 credit hours]

15 hours required.

  • ASAN 201-202, Civilizations of Asia (3) (3)
    Introduction to Asian Studies, (3) (3)
  • ASAN 310, Asian Humanities; or ASAN 312, Contemporary Asian Civilization (3)
  • 6 additional credit hours of ASAN courses at 300 or 400 level

Plus one of the two following plans.

  • Plan 1 (21 hours)
    • 12 hours predominately Asia-related, upper-division courses numbered 300-400 from the following disciplines: anthropology, art, economics, geography, history, linguistics, literature, music, philosophy, political science, religion, sociology, speech or theater & dance in consultation with the Asian Studies adviser and/or faculty.
    • 9 hours in Asia-related outside field of concentration, as approved by the adviser.
  • Plan 2 (21 hours)
    • 12 hours on one Asian country or region
    • 9 hours focused on another Asian country or region.

Plan 1 is generally recommended for students who want to pursue graduate studies in a particular discipline.

Language Requirement.

Majors are required to fulfill the language and culture requirement of the University by taking two years of an Asian language (excluding conversation or aural comprehension courses). This requirement may be waived if you demonstrate mastery of the equivalent level.

Declaring a major:

Declare early -- as early as your freshman year, although the end of the sophomore or beginning of the junior year is normal. The formal declaration is made through the Student Academic Services Office of SPAS.

Asian Studies Minor

Augment your major with a basic understanding of Asia. The Asian Studies minor consists of a minimum of 15 credit hours of ASAN or Asia-related courses completed with a letter grade of C or better.

  1. ASAN 310 Asian Humanities -or- ASAN 312 Contemporary Asian Civilizations required.
  2. 12 credits of course work on Asia, of which a minimum of 6 credits need to be from ASAN courses numbered 300 and above. The remaining credits can be from 300 and above level Asia-related courses in disciplines other than your major field.

Degree Planning Tools

The Asian Studies Program offers two degree planning tools: a degree planning matrix that shows probable course offerings for the next few years. Please realize that this is only tentative, and may change; and a degree planning tool that shows when courses that fall under Asian Studies have been taught. This provides an good indication of when they may be taught again.

In addition, each center will have a list of courses, with descriptions, that are applicable to their area.