Graduate Certificates

SPAS, through its Asia focused centers, offers graduate certificates in the following areas: Chinese studies, Korean studies, Japanese studies, Philippine studies, South Asian studies, and Southeast Asian studies. Regularly enrolled graduate students in non-Asian studies disciplines receive a certificate for completing a program of study that focuses on a particular Asian country or region. MA students in Asian studies also receive a certificate for completing studies in their area of concentration.

Certificate Requirements

  • 18 credits of course work, in a defined program of study, at UH Manoa within the chosen certificate area
  • Of these, 15 credits must be at 300-level or higher from at least two major divisions (social sciences, humanities, or arts), with no more than 9 credits in a single division, and at least 9 credits in graduate level courses (600 level or higher)
  • ASAN 600 Asian Studies Seminar: Scope and Methods or 750 Research Seminar in the chosen certificate area
  • A research paper in the chosen certificate area and an oral examination based on the paper; or a thesis or dissertation related to the chosen certificate area in the student's major discipline

Language requirements:

  • For the Japanese certificate, 4th year competency (JPN 407)
  • For the Chinese and Korean certificate, 3rd year competency (CHN 301/302 or KOR 301/302); and
  • For the remaining regional certificates, 2nd year competency (201/202 language courses of the chosen certificate area)
  • Complete all coursework for certificate within a seven year period

All language competency requirements can be met either through course work or equivalency examinations in the chosen certificate area. Language courses do not count towards certificate credit requirements.

Academic advising is provided by the center of the student's chosen certificate area.

Asian Studies MA students automatically receive a certificate in their area focus. Those non-MA graduates are to be confirmed by the specific centers.