Graduate Certificate: Checklist

Remember the requirements? 18 hours, 9 of which must be 600 or above, and you must pass the language competency part, plus the examination of the paper.

If you are an Asian Studies student Do nothing. It is given to you automatically.

If you are not an Asian Studies student do the following before the end of the semester in which you will graduate or sooner if you can

  1. From MyUH, print a copy of all of the courses that you have taken
  2. Take this print out to the appropriate center director. In discussions with you, the director will ensure that you have met all of the requirements. On this print out, please print your name exactly as you want it to appear on the certificate.
  3. The center director must:
    1. send a memo to the Graduate Chair of Asian Studies certifying that you have met the center's requirements for the certificate;
    2. attach a copy of your print out to that memo;
    3. mark (circle) the courses that count toward the certificate on your print out;
    4. The Graduate Chair of Asian Studies will ask the Asian Studies secretary to make up a certificate.
    5. The Graduate Chair of Asian Studies will send 3 things to Graduate Division:
      1. a memo certifying that Asian Studies is satisfied that you have met the requirements for the Graduate Certificate;
      2. a copy of the memo from the center director, with the print out attached;
      3. the Graduate Certificate itself.
    6. A copy of the Graduate Chair's memo to Graduate Division and the center director's memo with attached print out, will be filed in the Graduate Certificate folder, now in the graduate adviser's office

    When things go wrong: Since the steps are outlined clearly, it should be possible to track progress. Never hesitate to ask -- the director, the Asian Studies secretary, the Asian Studies chair. People go out of town, go on vacation, forget, misfile. When in doubt, always ask.