Asian Studies Scope and Methods: Japan

Course Number:ASAN 600J
Course Title: Asian Studies Seminar: Scope and Methods (Japan)
Course Description:Asian Studies as a program holds that much is to be gained through an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Japan, one informed by the protocols of a number of disciplines. With this in mind, this course aims to provide students with an interdisciplinary introduction to the major topics, themes and research methods of Japanese Studies.

During the semester, readings and class discussion will illustrate perspectives and approaches that are prevalent in in the field of Japanese Studies, and in the process introduce students to key topics, issues, concepts and methods.
Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate a basic interdisciplinary understanding of Japan and the key topics and issues that characterize the field of Japanese Studies

  • Recognize and critique theoretical and methodological implications in predominant approaches to the study of Japan

  • Develop an interdisciplinary framework for approaching a research topic in the fields of Japanese Studies

  • Be prepared to pursue a Japan-focused course of study in a discipline-based graduate program