Modern Philippines

Course Number: ASAN 406/HIST 406
Course Title: Modern Philippines
Course Description: This course traces the development of Philippine history and society from the end of the nineteenth century to the present. We will explore the beginning and the enduring legacies of Hispanization in the Philippines through the important works of Jose Rizal.

By examining primary source documents, we will closely examine race and empire as U.S. colonialism transformed Philippine political and cultural institutions. World War II brought in what was considered the “darkest years” of Philippine history and we will rediscover the horrors of war, the promise of liberation, and the postwar realities of reconstruction and revolution. Finally, we’ll attempt to understand the “Martial Law” period and its continuing relevance, particularly in view of the recent Philippine political changes. Through themes such as colonialism, religion, nationalism, revolution and resistance, and the state and civil society, we hope to gain a better understanding of the challenges facing contemporary Philippine state and society.
Learning Objectives:

  • Students can explain historical change and continuity in the Philippines during various historical periods

  • Students can develop a clear argument using recognized historical methods

  • Students can write clear expository prose and present their ideas orally according to disciplinary conventions

  • Students can interpret and use various historical sources—both primary and secondary—and identify the main historiographical issues that aim to illuminate the historical phenomena at study