Sustainable Asian Development: Impact of Globalization

Course Number: ASAN 638/PLAN 438
Course Title: Sustainable Asian Development: Impact of Globalization
Course Description: Globalization and Sustainability are the two most prominent developmental and planning strategies. This course examines how globalization and sustainable development influence Asian development and urbanization. The course reviews how the theories and policy issues are applied in policy formation, and compares the Asian national developmental responses. It examines the positive and negative effects of globalization, the remedies offered by sustainable development, and assesses the social, political, and planning consequences in Asian nations.
Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of globalization and sustainability as basis of development strategies

  • Acquire an understanding of the variety of developmental paths in Asia

  • Understand the formulation and implementation of policies and plans in Asia and assess their effectiveness

  • Develop a methodology for research in Asian development