China: Development and Politics

Course Number: ASAN 608/POLS 645C
Course Title: China: Development and Politics
Course Description: This course is a review of how market reform and globalization affect development and politics in contemporary China. This course introduces the theoretical critique on party state and socialist production system, and is organized chronologically in order to provide a historical perspective of development, in which key policy issues in each development phase are identified. Subjects to be covered include population and spatial distribution, institutional change, social and economic consequences, and administrative devolution. The course emphasizes the Reform period, and current key events. This course is not only relevant to social sciences in general, but also allows for comparison with experiences in other developing nations.
Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an informed understanding of the relationship of development and policies in contemporary China

    • Major issues in the socialist party state

    • Historical context of major development and political changes

    • Impacts of the globalization on China’s governance and policies

  • Develop an in-depth understanding how development and politics and influence domestic policies

    • Major policy changes

    • Effects and consequences of policy

    • Different perspectives on policy formation

  • Be familiar with information sources in contemporary China’s politics and development

    • Key literatures on politics and development

    • Different standpoints on the topics

    • Scholarly arguments on the topics