Asian Studies Scope and Methods: Korea

Course Number: ASAN 600K
Course Title: Scope and Methods: Korea
Course Description:This course is designed to introduce students to interpretations of modern Korea through various disciplines. On one level, it is a readings course that examines key literature in Korean Studies. On another level, it will explore modern Korea from a multidisciplinary approach. This course will examine how scholars have employed history, sociology, anthropology, and cultural studies to understand and analyze Korea. The course introduces both bibliographic and research techniques to facilitate the study of Korea. Students will become familiar with various research services and gain a greater appreciation for the field of Korean Studies.
Learning Objectives:

  • Identify major research themes and trends in Korean Studies

  • Critically discuss various theoretical, disciplinary, and methodological approaches to the study of Korea

  • Write literature reviews

  • Identify possible topics for independent research in Korean Studies