Globalization in Asia

Course Number: ASAN 493
Course Title: Globalization in Asia
Course Description: As a region comprised of its own cultural, socio-political, and economic networks and complexities, Asia has transformed significantly over the last several decades due to processes of globalization. The global flow of bodies, remittances, and cultures continue to shape and reconfigure its borders, landscapes, national identities, and livelihoods. This interdisciplinary course will apply critical discussions on globalization to the larger contemporary Asian region, ranging from economic and migrant flows to global influences of popular culture and technology.
Learning Objectives:

  • Show why an understanding of the different dimensions of globalization is essential to the study of the Asian region

  • Highlight Asian perspectives, critiques, and experiences of globalization’s effects

  • Examine Asia’s role in both propelling and sustaining global systems of economies, movements, and connections within its own regional borders and to other parts of the world