China, Taiwan, and the Trump Presidency

Course Number:ASAN 320Z
Course Title: China, Taiwan, and the Trump Presidency
Course Description: As a one-time poor land ruled by a brutal dictatorship, today’s Taiwan boasts a world class economy and vibrant democracy worthy of study by all. Many developing nations in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, and Latin America could hugely benefit by following the Taiwan model. Yet Taiwan is often overshadowed by China. This course will bring Taiwan out of the shadows and into the spotlight by examining its relationship with the United States in the first months of the Trump Presidency.

This course is a multidisciplinary examination of the history and issues affecting the people and institutions of contemporary Taiwan: ethnic identity, Taiwan nationalism vs. Chinese nationalism, language, religious and cultural differences, population growth, public health, economic development, political and social change, environmental problems, etc.
Learning Objectives:

  • Build an appreciation of the complex nature of the triangular relationship between China, Taiwan, and the United States

  • Develop and understanding about the quest for a taiwan identity, rather than a Chinese identity

  • Discern the differences between Taiwan and China

  • Enhance writing, research, and oral presentation skills

  • Strengthen critical and original thinking skills