Contemporary Asian Civilizations

Course Number:ASAN 312O
Course Title:Contemporary Asian Civilizations
Course Description: Moving beyond the exoticism and myths associated with the large geographical region, this course will focus on defining Asia primarily in terms of political, social, economic, cultural and intellectual components of its major areas, particularly as evidenced in the developments over the past few decades.

The aim of this multidisciplinary course is to acquaint students with problems and issues affecting peoples and institutions of contemporary Asia by analyzing historical antecedents, colonial legacies, global connections, and contemporary politics. Among the themes to be explored are political institutions and stability, state and nationhood, democratiation, ethinci and religious conflict, gender and secuality, trafficking in drugs and women, hierarchy and dominance, marginal social groupings, arms and arms control, nuclear, proliferation, and other pressing issue that are necessary to make sense of the world we live in today.