China’s International Relations

Course Number:

ASAN 668
Course Title:China’s International Relations
Course Description: In foreign policy formation, each nation attempts to protect and extend its national interests. Foreign policy decisions reflect the nation’s historical experiences and cultural practice. Multiple players involved and the void of general rule make policy decisions convoluted and capricious. Policy principles change according to the concurrent political situations and national goals. These are the conditions in which students will explore China’s current international relations and foreign policies. 

The uni-polar world, with the United States as the leader, is threatened. An emerging multi-polar world is predicted with China and Russia joining the US as world leaders. With this new economic-political scenario, international jockeying becomes complex and unpredictable. To accommodate China’s rise, both the US and China have to readjust their relations with each other, and re-position themselves in the world area. For China, key areas of concern are how to adjust its relations with other nations, particularly its neighbors, and what position to take in its new relationship with the US. This course will address such topics as China’s international policy is examined in four parts.
Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a general knowledge of the changing and unstable nature of international relations

  • Understand the cultural and historical factors that determine China’s foreign policy

  • Recognize China’s current bilateral relations and policies with other nations, particularly its Asian neighbors

  • Realize the importance of the China-US relationship in world politics, and how China and the US position themselves in the world order