Making an Indigenous Space Along the Pacific Rim

Course Number:

ASAN 620
Course Title:Making an Indigenous Space Along the Pacific Rim
Course Description: The template of indigenous rights was born in the Americas, yet as groups from around the world have engaged with these platforms, they have transformed the texture of indigeneity itself. This graduate course explores the formation of indigenous space as part of national and transnational actions between places located along the Pacific Rim.

Students will receive an introduction to colonial legacies and conceptual keystones through discussion, assignments, and viewing films from this region. Students will consider how the notion of “settler colonialism” works and doesn’t work to explain dynamics in various settings.
Learning Objectives:

  • Examine key concepts of indigenous spaces

  • Explore materials on the making of indigenous articulations along the Pacific Rim and compare it to indigenous narratives in other areas of the world (e.g. Africa)

  • Carry out a research project that delivers either an academic paper or a podcast

  • Adapt research into the creation of a reading set for the class and discussion questions