Scope and Methods: South Asia

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Course Title:Scope and Methods: South Asia
Course Description: This course introduces students to the history and practice of South Asian studies. Students will engage with foundational texts, trends that have shaped the field, and contemporary material on issues of particular importance. Particular attention will be paid to historical and ethnographic methods, and the schools of thought that have shaped South Asian studies in the past few decades.
Learning Objectives:

  • Be able to give an overview of the development of South Asian studies through colonial and postcolonial moments

  • Be able to identify current trends in South Asian studies

  • Be able to identify the key journals and publishers in South Asian studies and their disciplinary areas of specialty

  • Be able to critically discuss area studies and its place in the contemporary academic and political world

  • Be able to critically discuss different disciplinary and theoretical approaches to the study of South Asia, historically and in the present

  • Be able to explain why they favor particular approaches in their own scholarship

  • Be able to write book reviews and essays that bring ideas from several different perspectives in to critical dialog

  • Be able to conduct independent research in South Asian studies