20th Century Chinese Women Writers

Course Number:

ASAN 364/WS 346
Course Title:20th Century Chinese Women Writers
Course Description:Through a reading of selected narratives (mainly short stories and novels), this course surveys a variety of literary texts by Chinese women writers from the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Critical essays and visual media are included in order to enhance student’s understanding of Chinese society as well as [Chinese] women’s relationships to knowledge and culture. This course not only aims to introduce students to 20th century Chinese women writers, but also hopes to contribute to the important process of cultivating ethical self-reflection and global awareness necessary for living in the contemporary world.
Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the ideological nexus between culture, society, and gender from an ethical perspective that considers the cross-cultural dynamics of knowledge and power

  • Articulate a critical perspective on the course subject

  • Analyze the content of a fictional or critical piece of writing

  • Identify and critique ethical implications on women’s relationship to culture

  • Formulate an ethical position on the ramifications of gender, knowledge, and power