Asian Nation Studies: Okinawa

Course Number:

Course Title:Asian Nation Studies: Okinawa
Course Description: An introductory course to Okinawan studies that is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of Okinawan society and culture. It is interdisciplinary in its approach and borrows liberally from the fields of history, anthropology, sociology, international relations, and political science, as well as from various cultural studies fields (literature, visual arts, music, etc.)
Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the major settlements and geographic features of Okinawa, as well as explain how Okinawa’s location shaped its culture and society historically, and continues to do so today

  • Explain how key historical experiences (e.g. The Ryukyu Kingdom, incorporation into the Japanese Empire, the Battle of Okinawa, the US occupation) shaped identity

  • Explain the roots, geography and consequences of the Okinanwan diaspora

  • Present an informed analysis of the so-called “base issue” in Okinawa and follow and understand current events associated therewith

  • Point out the basic parameters of the socioeconomic structure of contemporary Okinawa and how this affects the lives of Okinawans

  • Identify and appreciate traditional and contemporary Okinawan art and craft forms and other ‘outputs’ of Okinawa cultural production, including tourist sites

  • Locate and utilize major sources of information on Okinawa in future research