Asian Nation Studies: South Asia

Course Number:
Course Title:Asian Nation Studies: South Asia
Course Description: This course focuses on modern, postcolonial South Asia. The course is divided into four sections to provide students the opportunity to gain: 1) geographic and historical bearings, and examine post-colonial nation-states in South Asia; 2) approach modern South Asia through the perspective of gendered interactions within family structures, using music, television references, and drawing on ethnographic studies of rural India and urban Pakistan; 3) address social inequalities based on caste, ethnicity, and religions divisions; and 4) examine ‘global’ flows in and through South Asia, examining persistent contradictions between economic growth, poverty, and the increasingly globalized ways in which South Asians address these problems at various levels.
Learning Objectives:

  • Become familiar with a variety of disciplinary perspectives on South Asia

  • Be able to identify South Asian nations, and important regions within nations, on a map

  • Gain basic knowledge of each nation and its importance within the region

  • Become aware of the major issues affecting the region – historical, geopolitical, economic, environmental, sociocultural

  • Be able to interpret recent events in South Asia with appropriate cultural knowledge and historical understanding

  • Be able to analyze complex social and political issues in South Asia by drawing connections between issues discussed in class, and current events