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The American Studies Honors Track

Honors Track in American Studies


The American Studies Honors Program is designed to allow our most talented and motivated students more opportunities for in-depth exploration of the interdisciplinary field. These opportunities include self-designed internships and independent studies with professors in particular specialties, taking graduate courses upon approval from the Undergraduate Chair, working with their professors to craft more extensive projects in their upper-division electives for the major, and producing original research projects.

Students wishing to pursue the Honors Track in American Studies must apply to, and be accepted into, the UHM Honors Program. They must complete all Honors Program requirements. These requirements are different depending on whether a student applies as a first or second year, or as an upper-division Honors Student.

Essentially the Honors Track adds 6 credits and an Honors Thesis to the regular American Studies graduation requirements. The six added credits usually take the form of a Honors Junior seminar (HON 491) and an added Independent Study (HON 496) to extend and deepen the American Studies senior thesis. In preparation for the Honors thesis project, students will need to find an undergraduate advisor and form an advisory committee to consult with over the course of their project.

Lastly, students who take the Honors Track will need to present their research proposals and findings at the Honors Symposia.

To find out more about the Honors Track in American Studies, go to the UHM Honors Program website.