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Declaring a Double Major

American Studies is an excellent candidate for those interested in a double major.

We partner particularly well with more traditional disciplines, and many of our students choose to double major. A double major will offer you more in-depth training in traditional disciplinary research methods and content partnered with the breadth, flexibility and independence of American Studies.

It is easy to double major within the College of Arts and Sciences, but students who want to double major from other academic colleges need to be aware of the added graduation requirements this might entail.

To double major, you must first consult with the Undergraduate Chair, who will check if you meet the requirements, fill out and sign the Declaration of Major form, and help you craft an academic plan for your new major.

If American Studies is your second major, you will need to fill out a Declaration of Major form to “add” American Studies to your major, then submit your signed Declaration of Major Form to the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advising Office at Queen Lili‘uokalani Center.

(***Note that there is now no need to write an essay justifying a second major as indicated in the form, but we do recommend setting up a JUMP session in order to make sure your graduation requirements are in order.)