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The Junior Seminar

The Junior Seminar is the core undergraduate content course that is the foundation for the upper-division electives you will take for your major.

Covering the entire historical span of U.S. history, the two-semester Junior Seminar will emphasize major movements, ideas, events and people that have shaped American culture, politics and society.

AMST 381 is offered in the Fall semester only, and AMST 382 is offered in the Spring Semester only, so plan accordingly.

We recommend that you take this seminar in your Junior year, and prior to the Senior Series courses, but should that not be possible, you can talk to your advisor about taking the Junior Seminar and Senior Series concurrently. To do this, you will need to get an override from the Undergraduate Chair.

You may also take the Junior seminars in the reverse order, beginning with AMST 382.