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Coursework for Majors

The American Studies undergraduate major requires the completion of 30 credit hours in the following manner.


The Junior Seminar (6 credits)

The Senior Series & Capstone Project (6 credits)

Upper Division American Studies Electives: 9 credit hours
A minimum of 9 credits of upper division (300 and 400 level) American Studies electives are needed for the major.

Note: New majors who declare on or after Fall 2010 only may count up to one lower-division AMST course (currently 110, 150, 201, 2020, 211, and 250) toward this requirement.

Upper Division Electives: 9 credit hours
The 9 remaining credit hours may include upper division courses in either AMST courses or allied humanities and/or social sciences courses. This allows our majors to craft a concentration in a particular area by using courses outside of the major. For example, a student interested in US literature and culture may opt to take up to three upper division classes in the English department toward his/her American Studies major requirements.

  • These courses must be Pre-Approved Allied Courses OR
  • Approved in advance by the Undergraduate Chair (if there is a credible amount of American content, then courses are usually approved)