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Completing Your Major

In the semester BEFORE the expected date of your graduation, you will be required to meet with the Undergraduate Chair to fill out the Goldenrod Form to demonstrate your completion of coursework for the BA in American Studies.

Here’s your checklist:

  • Make an appointment with the Undergraduate Chair.
  • Fill out the form together and get it signed. If you are a double major or have a minor or certificates in addition to your American Studies major, we advise that you also complete the paperwork for these certifications at the same time in order to streamline your process.
  • Schedule a GRAD session with an advisor at the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advising Office at Queen Lili‘uokalani Center.

GRAD Sessions are mandatory group workshops for all Arts & Sciences Seniors. A GRAD Session should be attended one to two semesters prior to graduation.
Forms and instructions needed for JUMP and GRAD sessions can be found at the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advising website.

  • Submit your Goldenrod. (and any other forms for other majors/minors, if pertinent)
Jane's Addiction by Ka Ning Fong

"Jane's Addiction" by Ka Ning Fong

In the semester that you plan to graduate, you are required to meet for an Exit Interview with the Undergraduate Advisor to discuss your final plans for completion, any obstacles on the path to graduation, possible incompletes, and future career or school choices. In preparation for this meeting, you will receive an Exit Interview Survey and submit your answers to the Undergraduate Chair in advance.