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Majoring in American Studies

First, congratulations on making a great choice for your major!

As an interdisciplinary field, American Studies offers an intellectual home to students seeking rigor, flexibility and creativity in their studies. We attract a lively, creative community of students and offer a world of intellectual possibilities. In no other department can you seek knowledge so broadly. In one class, you might analyze the latest Hollywood blockbuster, a 19th century painting, or a graphic novel. In another, you may conduct interviews with World War II veterans, design a historical survey of your neighborhood, or make your own DVD. In still another, you write about comic book artists or fashion trends at UH.

At present, former students of American Studies are teachers, lawyers, social workers, administrators, writers, journalists, editors, politicians, business executives, and officers in the foreign service.

The possibilities are endless, the choices are yours.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)
Upon completion of an AMST BA, all students will acquire:

Substantial knowledge of American history, society, and culture, as well as a basic appreciation of different scholarly approaches to American Studies.
  • Critical thinking skills necessary to analyze a variety of cultural artifacts (literature, primary documents, film, music, etc.), as well as historical and present-day sociopolitical issues.
  • Competence in scholarly writing and oral communication.
  • Basic research skills, including advanced research skills in one area of specialization.