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Elective Courses

Listed below are some examples of the courses (but not all of them) that may be taken as electives in the Museum Studies Graduate Certificate Program.

Students should select elective classes that will enhance or deepen their particular area of interest in Museum Studies. Please consult with the director of the Museum Studies Graduate Certificate Program BEFORE enrolling in an elective class. All elective courses must be approved by the director.

Some courses may require prerequisites or may not be offered every semester.  For information about a specific course, see the University of Hawaiʻi Catalog. You may need to contact the instructor of a course for more information about when the course will be offered and possibilities for prerequisite waivers.

NOTE: If you are enrolled in another degree or certificate program, the core classes for that degree or program cannot be used as an elective for the Museum Studies Program.

Elective Courses:
(There are many courses you may take as an elective.  If you would like to enroll in an elective course not listed below, please see the director for prior approval.)

American Studies (AMST)

AMST 457 Museum Interpretations
AMST 625 Material Culture
AMST 635 Public History and Commemoration
AMST 675 Preservation: Theory & Practice
AMST 679 Elements of Style
AMST 681 American Vernacular Traditions

Anthropology (ANTH)

ANTH 608 History and Memory
ANTH 610 The Anthropology of Tourism
ANTH 640C Method & Theory in Archaeology: “Environmental Archaeology”
ANTH 645 Historic Preservation
ANTH 698 Professional Skills Development in Anthropology
ANTH 710 Seminar in Research Methods and Design
ANTH 750 Analysis of Architecture in Archaeology
ANTH 750B Research Seminar: Pacific Island Ethnohistory

Apparel Production Design
and Merchandising (APDM)

APDM 460 Costume Museum Management

Art & Art History

ART 360 Exhibition Design and Gallery Management*
ART 437 Textile Conservation/Research
ART 481 Museum Interpretations
ART 475 Art of the Pacific
ART 479 Art of Hawai‘i
Other Art and/or Art History Courses:  There are many 400-level and above courses that will qualify as elective courses.
*(NOTE: In certain cases, ART 360 class may be taken w/ the stipulation that students will need to do “extra” work to raise this class from a 300-level course to a 400-level course, receive pre- approval from the instructor of the course and the director of Museum Studies, and submit a written petition to Graduate Division requesting graduate credit.)

Curriculum Studies (EDCS)

EDCS 626 Art in Elementary Education
EDCS 637 Art in Secondary Education
EDCS 737 Foundations in Art Education

Educational Technology (ETEC)

ETEC 643 Educational Technology in Informal Learning Environments

Library and Information Science (LIS)*

LIS 619 Preservation Management
LIS 620 Conservation of Library and Archival Materials
LIS 647 Systems Approach to Library Operations
LIS 652 Introduction to Archives Management
LIS 674 Database Design & Creation
*(NOTE: Before students may enroll in LIS courses the student should contact the instructor to ask for approval to take the course.  Once the instructor has given her/his approval, students must contact the graduate director of LIS to ask for permission to enroll in the course and receive a code override.)

Travel Industry Management (TIM)

TIM 420 Principles of Sustainable Tourism
TIM 469G Advanced Tourism Management