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Core Courses

AMST 683—Museums: Theory, History, Practice
Course will cover: 1) theories and methodologies utilized by scholars associated with the “new museology,” 2) history of Western museums, 3) range of museums and related institutions, 4) contemporary issues in museums including the representation of diverse communities and multiple points of view, 5) issues pertinent to Native peoples in the U.S., Hawai‘i and the Pacific, 6) overview of museum governance and ethical concerns.

AMST 684—Museums and Collections
Course will cover: 1) pragmatics of running a museum with emphasis on the documentation, care, and management of collections, 2) curatorial research/responsibilities, 3) exhibition development and design, 4) new technologies and digital preservation, 5) indigenous curation and preservation issues, 7) grants/grantwriting, 8) the green museum and sustainability. Includes on-site visits to museums and lectures/demonstrations by museum professionals and specialists (e.g., registrars, archivists, collections managers, conservators, curators, exhibition designers, and others).

AMST 685—Museums and Education
(cross-listed as EDCS 685)

Course will cover: 1) the museum as an educational institution, 2) theories of how visitors learn in museums, 3) museum education and public programming, 4) working with diverse communities and visitors, 5) brief history of American museum policy, 6) assessment of museum programs and policies, 7) role and function of the American Association of Museums [AAM], 8) review of museum studies literature pertaining to the topics above. Includes group and individual visits to local museum sites.

AMST 686—Museum Studies Practicum
Applies coursework in Museum Studies to hands-on activities under the direction of practicing professionals and university faculty. Students required to meet with the program director to discuss practicum projects prior to enrolling in course. Generally taken upon completion of all core/elective courses or concurrent with completion of core/elective courses—with exceptions made with approval of program director. Restricted to Museum Studies Certificate Students.