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Program Courses

The Museum Studies Graduate Certificate Program (MSGCP) welcomes graduate students concurrently enrolled in other degree programs at the University of Hawai‘i, people who would like to enroll in the certificate program only, or museum professionals interested in updating their skills or acquiring information in other areas of museum work.

The MSGCP consists of six courses or 18 credits
(3 credits per class):

Student Learning Outcomes and Curriculum Map

The curriculum for the Museums Studies Graduate Certificate Program is designed to impart a range of competencies or “Student Learning Outcomes” to students enrolled in its courses.

Student Learning Outcomes in Museum Studies:

  1. Broad knowledge of the field of Museum Studies in the U.S. and internationally
  2. Understanding of key disciplinary methods used in Museum Studies to analyze important issues in the field
  3. Understanding of current issues in Museum Studies
  4. Broad knowledge of the work and responsibilities of museums and related institutions
  5. Specific knowledge of a specialized area in museum work through practical experience
  6. Critical analysis and writing skills to analyze pertinent issues and competently write about them
  7. Advanced research skills necessary to develop Museum Studies projects or competently evaluate them

Curriculum Map

The Curriculum Map shows how students will acquire the seven Museum Studies “Student Learning Outcomes” as they successfully complete required and elective courses.