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John Sayles Film Series

Sep 25, 2013

The American Studies Department, the Academy for Creative Media and the College of Arts and Humanities is pleased to announce the John Sayles Film Series. 

The film series begins this Thursday, September 26 at 4 p.m. in the Art Auditorium with The Brother from Another Planet (1984). The film will be introduced by art critic and scholar David Goldberg.

Future dates and introducers are:
  • 10/17 Matewan (Architecture auditorium), introduced by Associate Dean of Arts and Humanities and ACM professor Tom Brislin
  • 11/7 Eight Men Out (Art auditorium), introduced by poet and American Studies professor Joe Stanton
  • 11/21 The Secret of Roan Inish (Art auditorium), introduced by filmmaker and ACM professor Vilsoni Hereniko
  • 12/5 Passion Fish (Art Auditorium), introduced by American Studies professor Kath Sands
  • 1/16 Lone Star, introduced by Academy for Creative media professor Claudia Pummer
  • 1/30 Casa de los Babys, introduced by Spanish professor Eric Thau
  • 2/13 Amigo, introduced by American Studies professor Joyce Mariano
While no formal Q & A session is scheduled for the films (except for Amigo, when John Sayles himself will join our audience for a conversation about the film and his work), it is the hope of the organizers that the audience will stay after each film for an informal and lively discussion about the film’s contributions, style, themes, etc.
Happy Viewing,
Vernadette Gonzalez and Jonna Eagle, organizers

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