Insurgent Diasporic / Indigenous/ Afro-Asian Ecologies Panel (co-sponsored by AMST)

Please join us for our forthcoming panel on “Insurgent Diasporic / Indigenous / Afro-Asian Ecologies,” co-sponsored by the American Studies department. Please see below for more information.

Insurgent Diasporic / Indigenous / Afro-Asian Ecologies

Moderator: Aree Worawongasu (UH Mānoa)


Katherine Achacoso (UH Mānoa/ Dartmouth)
Tao Leigh Goffe (Cornell)
Hiʻilei Hobart (Yale)


Asian-Indigenous Relationalities Speaker Series (AAAS), Dartmouthʻs PROVOST fellowship program, Afro-Asia Group, Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (Dartmouth College), Department of American Studies (UH Mānoa)

Online panel

March 10, 2023
12:30 EST

This panel explores intersections between (anti/de)colonial ecologies across the Caribbean, Oceania (Hawaiʻi), and the Philippines. Unsettling discourses that de-historicize the relationship between colonialism and our contemporary climate crises, we highlight insurgent diasporic, Indigenous, and (Afro) Asian negotiations with ecologies of extraction and racial capitalism. In doing so, we aim to respond to climate justice scholarsʻ calls to attend to the interlapping relationship between the making of colonial earth (Yusoff) and uneven experiences of climate injustice. We ask: How might bringing Caribbean, Pacific, and Asian geographies expand conversations on colonial ecologies? How might our understanding of Black, Indigenous, Diasporic and Asian ecologies expand in thinking archipelagically about various sites of U.S. empire? What kinds of futurities might we glean from engaging diasporic / Indigenous / Asian / Black epistemologies and everyday acts of refusal? 

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