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Program Courses

The Historic Preservation Graduate Certificate Program (HPGCP) is a 15 credit-hour program, which may be taken alone or in conjunction with another Graduate Certificate, or an M.A. or Ph.D. degree in American Studies or another department. 

The HPGCP consists of five courses or 15 credits (3 credits per class):

  • 2 Core Courses
  • 2 Elective Courses
  • 1 Practicum/Internship
Currently, AMST 675 is offered every Fall and ANTH 645 is offered every Spring.  It is highly recommended that students begin their studies with AMST 675.  AMST 695 is taken on an individual basis and is offered every term.  It is usually the last course taken before a student receives the Certificate.
The Practicum/Internship, AMST 695, is intended to advance the student’s knowledge of the field and enable them to research areas of special interest.  Since the course is meant to be of a practical character, students are especially encouraged to take advantage of work-related opportunity to explore areas they have never had an opportunity to consider, and to build on and consolidate projects in which they have had prior involvement. 
The Practicum/Internship offers two options: one, a formal internship with an approved preservation-related organization; or two, a research project, as determined in consultation with the Director of the program. 
The required six-credits of electives may be satisfied by a student taking the annual Summer Preservation Field School (six credits): AMST 696 Preservation Field Study: (B) Hawaii, (C) Asia, (D) Pacific or the following:
  • AMST 676 Recording Historic and Cultural Resources
  • AMST 677 Historic Preservation Planning
However, other electives are also acceptable and may be approved in consultation with the Director.