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2013 Experts Lecture Series

Louis Fung, AIA (Fung Associates Inc.): Modernism in American Architecture: The Foundation of the Modern Movement in Hawai`i”

Don Hibbard, Ph.D.: “Evaluating Mid-Century Low-Rise Apartments in Hawai`i”

Kiersten Faulkner, APA (Executive Director, Historic Hawaii Foundation): “The Unique Challenges, Threats and Opportunities Facing Modern Historic Resources”

Glenn Mason, AIA (Mason Architects): “Materials, Systems & Their Effect On Architecture”

Tonia Moy, AIA (Fung Associates Inc.):“The Range of Modern Architectural Resources in Hawai`i, 1938-1979”

Angie Westfall, AIA (Architecture Branch Chief, State Historic Preservation Division): “Surveying Hawai`i’s Mid-Century Subdivisions”