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Admission Guidelines

Admission Requirements and Procedures

Applicants for admission to the Historic Preservation Program should possess an academic or employment background in preservation-related disciplines or demonstrate a strong interest and motivation to pursue such studies. There are no specific prerequisites, other than possession of an undergraduate degree.

The deadline for Fall admission is March 1; the deadline for Spring admission is September 1.

  • Prospective applicants must apply for classified admission to the program through the Office Graduate Education. To apply online, visit University of Hawaii Online Admission Application and follow the onscreen instructions or download an application and fee payment form. Applicants are also required to mail directly to the Office of Graduate Education an official transcript from each university attended.
  • All prospective certificate students and concurrent students should send the following two forms directly to the Historic Preservation Program (c/o American Studies Department):
  1. Graduate Program Supplemental Information form
  2. Statement of Objectives form

You may email “Supplemental Information Form” and “State of Objectives Form” as attachments to or mail to:

Historic Preservation Graduate Certificate Program
C/o Dept. of American Studies
324 Moore Hall
1890 East-West Road
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
Honolulu, HI 96822

GRE scores and two letters of recommendation for Historic Preservation Graduate Certificate applicants are not required.

Cost of Attendance

For more information on the cost of attendance, please visit the Office of Graduate Education web site for current tuition schedules.

Please be aware that financial aid is not provided for students enrolled in the Historic Preservation Studies Graduate Certificate Program only.